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Day One


Theme: Where are you? 

This may seem like a silly question. But I like asking silly questions sometimes. So I’ll ask it again. Where are you?


I’m going to tell you where I am. I am sitting in my living room on the couch. You might be thinking or asking, “why is this important?”


Since we have all been asked to mostly stay in and around our homes, what better time is there to draw the world you live in. Not the one where you go to school, and to the store to buy new things. But the one where you eat your meals most of the time, shower or bathe, sleep and do many other things that we usually don’t think about.



Activity: This is a drawing activity. Draw one of the rooms you like to spend most of your time in. And when I ask you to draw, I’m asking you to take a close look around and draw all of the little things you see around you.

Example and Inspiration: One of my favorite artist's is Maira Kalman. She paints the world she lives in. Sometimes she paints pictures of herself and her dog. I like her work because she uses a lot of color, and doesn't worry about everything being perfect. She likes to show us everything in the room the way she sees it. These are her paintings.











You can also write about the room if you like. Include it on the drawing like Ms. Kalman does on some of her pictures, or write about it separately. 


Paper or a journal

Pens, Colored Pencils, Markers or Crayons

Watercolors if you wish

Additional Activity:

After you’ve drawn your favorite room, I’d like you to draw one more drawing about where you are, or where you wish you were. Maybe it’s a picture of your yard or porch. Maybe it’s you playing with a friend. Or a picture of your favorite tree. Perhaps it's you dancing on the moon. It can be a room inside your imagination! 

Goal: Finish 1 or 2 drawings. 

You may draw as many pictures where you are throughout the day if you like. The more, the better. Remember: Your drawing is yours. You don't have to compare it to anybody else’s. And, there is no rush. You may begin your drawing, and if you’d like to stop for a while, and go back to it later, you can do so. But it’s very important to finish.


You’ll want to save your drawings. You don’t have to like it, to save it. During this course you’re creating a storybook that tells about your time staying close to home.


Have fun with it! Let your imagination run free and use whatever colors you want and change whatever colors you see if you like. Don’t worry about the shapes and sizes. Just allow yourself to feel, see and draw.


A note about Good or Bad: We often title our drawings as good or bad. But as we work together, we are going to try and not use words like good or bad. Drawing is a way to express what you see around you.

Dear Parents,

Since we are not in the same room together, if you'd like to take a picture with your phone camera of your child’s drawing activity, you may send it to

I'll be sharing them on the front page of Indigo website. - Miss Kim


Gratitude: Thank you for creating a drawing of  Where You Are!


What are you grateful for?...

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