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Clementine Hunter was a Folk Artist. In this painting, she shows the pastime of card games at Louisiana’s Melrose Plantation. “Playing Cards, -circa 1970.

Day Seventeen

Theme: Folk Art

Today is about Folk Art. Have you ever heard of Folk Art?  


Folk art includes paintings, carvings, furniture, textiles, and other objects made by people using traditional techniques passed down to them through the generations. Most folk artists learn by watching their elders or by becoming apprentices in a craft. Others are self-taught.

Anyone can become an artist. I like to say everyone is an artist. When you put your love into whatever you do, it shows, and others can see and feel it.


Folk Art is especially pleasing. The artist uses imagination and color to bring their vision to life. Folk artists show us a part of their lives through their art. You may see where they live, or items in their houses. At times, something from their religion is included.

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Unknown Artist                          1810, Unknown Artist         

Anna Mary Robertson Moses -  nickname Grandma Moses, was an American folk artist.

When you see a piece of folk art, it's like reading a story. Have you learned any type of craft from anyone in your family? It could be an aunt, uncle, or grandparent. Some people teach themselves how to paint, or make furniture. These people have a love for their craft. Art is a form of expression. It's a vision in your head and heart and is then put into a form of art. Many folk artists use textiles to create quilts and artworks made from fabric.

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Maud Kathleen Lewis (née Dowley; March 7, 1903 – July 30, 1970) was a Canadian folk artist from Nova Scotia. Left, self portrait. Right - Three Black Cats.  Her paintings may sell for tens of thousands of dollars these days, but it was a very different story during Lewis’s life: some of her paintings originally sold for as little as $2 or $3.

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Maud Lewis spent 32 years of her life in a one-room house on a secluded dirt road in Nova Scotia. By the time of her death in 1970, she’d covered nearly every surface of the little home with joyous paintings: Clusters of tulips filled the windows, birds and butterflies fluttered across the door. Even the dustpan was covered with daisies.  

Activity: Today's activity is painting, sewing or drawing in the Folk Art style. Young people have a natural way with color and shapes and I find it similar to Folk Art style. What you chose to paint on is up to you. If you have something of yours that you would like to decorate, that would be a good way to use the craft.


Maud Lewis's painted door is below. She painted her windows, walls and furniture. There was not much she didn't paint on. Imagine living in a one-room home for 32 years! Maud used her colors, designs and imagination to make her world brighter. She painted many postcards and sold them in front of her house. Imagine painting cards or postcards and collecting them to sell in the future. Or to give away to those you will get to see again sometime soon! 

Gratitude: I'm grateful to all of the Folk Artists that use their imagination, curiosity and time to create works of art because they love to create! That makes me happy. What are you thankful for today?

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Please remember to send me pictures of your art! I would love to see how you are using your imagination to create.

See you tomorrow!

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