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Welcome to the heart + spirit activity page! 

My name is Miss Kim. Some of you already know me, and some of you are meeting me for the first time. I'm happy you'll be joining in the heart + spirit activity courses.

I'm not really a mermaid. But I do like to use my imagination.

What would you be, if you could be something else?

During the activities, you're asked to use the following:



Take a moment and talk about what each of those words mean to you. Maybe talk about an example of how you use each one in your life. 

Hint: where you see purple sentences,take a moment and answer the question. You can talk about it, or if you like, write it down and share it with me. 

In this course, I ask that you use imagination and curiosity. Cooperation happens if you're sharing the activities with a sibling or parent. 


The ROUND BUTTONS below take you to an activity page for each day. Each day a new BUTTON is added, and will be numbered, DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3, and so on.


It would be great to stay on task and do each activity one day after the next, but if you skip a day or two, no worries. You can do it when you're ready.


Please send photos of your work or anything else you'd like to share! I'd like to share them on the website so others can see them. Send to


Before we get started, I bet most of you were as surprised as I was, when we went from going to school (I work at a school), to not going to school. And on top of it, we don't know when we will be going back. Some of you home school, and you've had to adjust as well. This is all very confusing. Yet, most of us know that we are helping our families, friends, neighbors and those we love, by staying put for now.


It can be hard not knowing things. It's a challenge for most of us. The good news is, we have more time to spend with our families, and to do a lot of things we like to do, even if it means not going far from home. 

I want to explain why this course is called heart + spirit. First, the 'heart' is the part of us that helps us feel. It's connected to the brain. It's important to allow yourself to feel, and to talk about your feelings. I'm an artist, and I like to show my feelings through art.


The word 'spirit' (I believe), is the part that likes doing things that makes someone feel better.  My spirit is happy and content when I write stories, spend time in nature, or take pictures. Those things help me to feel better when I feel unsure, sad, angry or confused. I also do those things when I feel happy. It's important to remember it's okay to be happy when we feel unsure. Happy feelings come and go. If they go, they will come back. 


I bet you have many ways of showing your feelings. And it's really important to keep doing that. Some of you probably do a lot of what I do to express yourself. (Express means - to show the way you feel.) Everything from writing a poem, or a song, making up a dance, or drawing the world around you. Maybe you like to climb a tree, read a book or watch a favorite movie to make you feel better. There are many things to help us. What makes your spirit feel better?


It's also good to remember your parents are having to change a lot about the way they work and do things right now. We all need to be here for each other. I know that if we help one another, and try hard to be patient and use cooperation, we'll make the world a better place. 

Each Day The Activity Includes


A Theme

An Example






Have Fun!

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