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Kid's Photography Mini Workshops

Time to get out and shoot! Kids will explore the neighborhoods of Chestnut Hill and Germnatown Avenue, during the 2-part workshop. Students will gain knowledge about shooting architecture, experience capturing nature in cityscapes, explore ways of making a living as a commercial photography, and learn the foundations of light, texture, and perspective in an urban environment as they develop personal style and understanding how imagery translates emotions.


Students will also have the option to print a favorite or two images for a winter exhibition (optional). Workshop is held at Teen’s Inc. located in Chestnut Hill. Enrollment is limited. Early registration is recommended.


For kids 10-13 years-old.


Two-Part Workshop




Dates Announced Soon!

I've been inspiring children with my love for nature photography and the nuances of lighting, contrast, composition, texture, still life, and portraiture at the Morris Arboretum for the past 6 years. Spring and Fall classes run for six weeks periods. Registration is directly through Morris Arboretum. 


We finished Fall 2018 CLASS AT MORRIS ARBORETUM ON Tuesday, October 30th! Another successful series with young photographers capturing the arboretum and the world around them. 

The last session ends with a presentation of the child's work on screen. They will gain experience in presenting and the basics of a photographic critique. Children must have their own camera, know how to use it, and make sure that it has been charged before arriving to class. Film cameras are welcome. IPhone cameras are acceptable in cases where a camera is not available.

Nature Photography Classes 
at the Morris Arboretum 
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