It's our 10th year anniversary! 


Yippee! Something to celebrate at a time when celebrating anything seems challenging. 


 SUMMER 2021 registration is OPEN!


It goes without saying, 2020 was a huge learning curve. As we move into summer 2021, vaccines are the horizon, and we hope our teachers will have had their doses by the time camp begins. Last year was a summer camp experiment in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. There were no Covid-19 cases within our camp families throughout the 9 weeks. Families, kids and Indigo teachers wore masks and made the environment as safe as possible. What will the 2021 summer camp offer? We hope when camp begins towards the end of June, the pandemic will be under control. If we need to replicate last year's model, we will do so. 


You may register for camp to hold your space as soon as camp registration opens. You may pay for camp immediately, or pay by April 15th. *Refunds this year will be made to those who cancel by May 15th. (If the CDC

and/or government guidelines prohibit camp, full refunds will be distributed to those who have paid.)  We have worked with families over the years who need to make payment plans, and will do the same this year. When a camp is sold out, you may register on the waitlist. 


Summer Camp Weeks

The beauty of Indigo Nature Arts has always been how we offer creative experiences, while children are not obliged to participate. Summer is a time to relax out of the school routine and regulated requirements.


But...for those who want to, we offer fun projects for exploration and creative play.


Here’s the schedule for summer 2021.


Week one - Science! - June 28-July 2 (sold out) Kids get messy mixing and experimenting. Group and individual projects offer turning water and oil into mini lava lamps, cornstarch play, coloring flowers and sand. 


Week two - Games - July 5-9 There’s no getting board building board games. And you don’t have to use a board! Developing concepts and producing a finished playable game offers skills from math to magic, individually, with a partner or small group. 


Week three -Indigo Culinary Kids (sold out)


Week four - Water Play - July 19-23 Let’s cool off while playing water games! Water becomes ice, ice becomes a frozen treasure to excavate! Kids take part in water games and develop their own ideas to share with others. Water bucket races, water ballon balancing and sprinkler fun! 


Week five - Fiber Arts - July 26-30 (sold out) We get busy dying fabric, fabric printing with vegetables and more!


Week six - Magical World of Faeries - August 2-6 - (sold out)


Week six - Music Camp with Raji -August 2-6 - (sold out)



We will be back at the campus of Waldorf School of Philadelphia for 6 weeks. We regret having to forego the last two weeks of August in the Andorra Natural Area, at our favorite place - the Tree House. This is hard to let go of. 

Thank you families! We can't wait to see you.

Stay safe and healthy!

Miss Kim

Please Note: *Refund checks must be cashed within 30 days. If refund checks are not cashed within 30 days, credit towards future programs will be considered.





heart + spirit
Did you know heart + spirit is free to use? 
YES! This program is designed for kids, and without them it has no use! It's a gift activity program for you and your children. Choose any day you like to begin with. It's up to you. The important thing is to enjoy the process and have fun!  Begin here!

heart + spirit provides children at home, fun and engaging activity courses to stay busy, inspired, balanced and connected!  And the good news is, the entire family can take part in the activities if they like!

Indigo Nature Art's founder Kim Soles developed heart and spirit to meet children in an authentic, imaginative and heart-loving manner.  Due to the recent closing of schools, she has made heart + spirit courses available for children to participate at home.  The course offers hands-on, thought provoking and media free activities, designed to reach the mind and heart of the child as they navigate this unusual time in history. 

Let Us Begin


Student Work from heart + spirit at home!

Dear Friends:

Peace Came Over is a story I wrote and illustrated. It's now available as an Ebook ($5.99), and is also available in hard/soft cover.  I've read and shared Peace Came Over with hundreds of kids over the years.


The story is about what it might be like if Peace came to visit and what it might feel like if Peace came to stay. It leads us to where Peace lives in each of us. The Italian, German, French and Spanish translation of the poem Peace Came Over can be found following the English illustrated version in the back of the book. (Click the book to take you to the link for purchase from  

Dear Families,

Indigo Nature Art's meets it's 10th year! Wow a decade!


This summer we provide our yearly Sassafras Camp for kids 6-12-years-old, along with two delicious weeks of Culinary Kids, the welcomed return of the Magical World of Faeries and Gnomes, and our Music Jam Camp with Raji Malik! 


SCHOOL-LIST-CAMP-2019 copy.jpg

Indigo Nature Arts provides programming that takes place amongst some of Philadelphia's enchanting and exceptional natural landscapes. Children unplug from the technological and competitive world, and engage within natural environments. 


Indigo Nature Arts encourages the freedom to discover through play and creativity. In turn, children naturally develop valuable skills at their own pace. 


Art and photography classes, yearly summer camps, and winter programming offer opportunities for children to "be" in nature, and truly experience the transformation of the seasons.


Children are supported to visually and physically express themselves. Thoughtful guidance and love, nurtures growth and healthy development. 



Documenting the rich experiences the children have over the years tells the story of Indigo Nature Arts. Please take a moment and browse the gallery by clicking the image above. 


Listening to children tell their stories helps them to feel at ease. Children are eager to share their experiences, even the imaginary ones! Developing patience to listen to one another leads to tolerance. It helps children to discover more about their peers and friendships develop. 

When the mind, body and spirit are fully engaged in physical activity and hands-on exploration, the magic of invention happens. Wonder and surprise helps the child to blossom. 

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you." - Frank Lloyd Wright



Indigo Summer Camp is in its 9th year serving families with children between the ages of 5-12 years-old.


Camp is held primarily outdoors in a forest setting, and offers 

remarkable and diverse landscapes for exploration. Professional, loving, intuitive teachers and counselors offer respectful care and knowledge.


Indigo Nature Arts camp runs on the belief that summertime is for play-time and down-time. We create a community environment where the children enjoy simple, yet memorable adventures, such as scouting for frogs, toads and snails, investigating insects in the meadow, exploring and playing at the creek, and hiking the trails in the Andorra Natural Area.


Child-led play, minute-morning-mediation, mini-healing herbs lessons, handwork, imaginative nature-based art projects, painting, drawing, and natural science, weave together practical programming.


Indigo Nature Arts serves families with children ages 5 to 12 years-old!
Sometimes we stop.