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Kim Soles is the founder of Indigo Nature Arts. She is an inspirer of nature and natural science. A nature/art photographer, designer, writer and graphic artist, her genuine love of nature, combined with her educational background in art, inspired Kim to offer a wholistic program for children where they would feel at home among the trees and be in-tune with the natural world around them. Kim has been running and developing original programming for young children since 2000. She is at home in the forest and happiest when learning more about nature and spending time with the children. Along with single parenting her 'now college-age' daughter, providing programming has been a main focus. And as always, accomplishing a myriad of art and design projects, big and small.


Expanding programming in 2012, Kim implemented home school art programs, nature and urban photography instruction, after-school art programs, and has nurtured Indigo Nature Art's summer camp to its full capacity. Kim is dedicated to inspiring children in all of the arts and has invited guest artists, yoga teachers, musicians and mindfulness instructors to share their talents and knowledge with the children.

"Drawing on my varied background in art, nature photography and years of nature exploration, I aim to provide the time and places where children can discover for themselves. Inspiration from using the senses; color, texture, scent, sound and intuition, gives children the chance to experience their authentic selves. Children meander along forest trails and feel safe and free, without being rushed. We work together and discuss our discoveries and the treasures we find. This simplicity is the gentle gift of the spirit. It comes from an authentic place. The inspiration and life of the imagination."


Stepping into each day without knowing what the children may discover, sparks the imagination. It allows for wonder and surprise. Knowledge comes from these opportunities. Will we find a toad? We will spot a deer?  Will we discover a new type of fungus? This is what Kim shares with the children. A time and a place to be and discover.


Program locations; The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, The Wissahickon Environmental Center, the Waldorf School of Philadelphia, the Cedars House Cafe, the enchanting Wissahickon forest of northwest Philadelphia and the many hiking trails in the Andorra Natural Area.

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