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CAMP 2022! 

Dear Families:

CAMP REGISTRATION OPENED ON JANUARY 12TH! For camps that show SOLD OUT you may register on the WAIT LIST. When there are cancellations you'll be notified. Please feel free to check in!

Our camps provide time to play, relax and enjoy the summer days. Kids are encouraged to use their imagination and share in making our camp days memorable. 

Location, Location, Location

At The Waldorf School of Philadelphia!

9am - 3pm, - Friday

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia is conveniently located in Germantown, on Wayne Avenue, between Walnut Lane and Harvey Street. The incredible “Hogwarts-ish campus offers children interactive, well-thought-out playscapes, shaded by towering trees, along with amazing and ideal indoor accommodations. We also have access to hiking trails from the school within short walking distance, and will make sure to use it as part of our daily discovery hikes. 

Need to contact us? Email at Or call 215.350.7788 


June 20th – 24th

Schools Out for Summer!

For kids 5-12-years-old 

School’s Out Camp invites kids to wear pajamas! Paint faces! Eat rainbow popcorn, play favorite board and card games, or just laze around and relax! You made it through another school year! Outdoor fun and a dose of freedom offers fun for all. Indigo Nature Arts is a nature based day-camp held at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia campus in Germantown. We create a community environment where the children enjoy simple, yet memorable adventures. Child-led play, handwork, imaginative nature-based art projects, sports, painting, and a stage for performance.



June 27th - July 1st

Dragons, Dino’s + Magical Creatures

For kids 5-12-years-old 


Wild, wonderful, wacky, ideas become magical characters! A week of innovation takes kids on an artistic journey as they construct miniature worlds for fantastic creatures through sketching, drawing, painting, and clay. Developing ideas and taking them from concepts to the tangible, kids exhibit carrying out ideas to completion. From outrageous dragons to mystical unicorns, kids develop the story of their very own beastly buddy.


July 4-8: NO CAMP



July 11th – 15th  

Carnival Celebration Camp!

For kids 5-12-years-old 


Let the festivities begin! Step right up for a week of enchanted merriment. Goofy games! Silly sideshows! This is a hands-on week for kids to turn ideas into action and work towards an end-of-the-week fabulous carnival! Along with constructing props, painting faces and performing, this week offers something for everyone with plenty of free time to connect with other kids and enjoy outdoor fun. 


July 18th – 22nd

Restaurant Week - Culinary Kid’s!

Kids 7-12-years-old

(Note: Older age group. This camp’s maximum is 12 kids only.)


On your mark, get set, Cook! Culinary Kids Restaurant Week offers a fun, hands-on week of running a make-shift restaurant. Kid’s rotate roles to run a restaurant of their choice. Our concentration this year will be on the magical Honey Bee – learning about the significant flying insect that provides us with way more than honey. Exploring yummy ways to incorporate honey into treats, and cooking up jams with colorful seasonal fruits, this week will provide to be very busy and delectable!  Kid’s will take home a delightful curiosity for cooking! All vegetarian menu.


July 25th – July 29th   

Summertime Theater! 

The Stage, The Script, and Behind the Scenes!

For kids 5-12-years-old 


Kid’s take the lead for a week-long collaboration of minds, hearts, and hands, to write, produce, create, costume, perform, and produce a performance for the stage. Whether passions lie in acting, working behind scenes, selling tickets, popping popcorn, or participating as the essential audience, this week offers a fun, passionate dive into presenting live theatre. Plenty of free time for child-led play, dress-up, impromptu plays, and finger knitting. (Acting is not required for this fun week!)



August 1st – 5th

Magical World of Faeries and Gnomes

Kids 5-10 years-old

(Note: Different age group)


The Magical World of Gnomes and Faerie folk will enchant children for an entire week! Children become architects, building and constructing faerie houses and miniature furniture. We will delve into the world of healing plants and herbs and learn how the plant world is here to help us. Crafting and creating, along with the customary celebration on Friday to celebrate the work of the elementals who help make planet earth a better place! Faerie camp allows time for child-led play, dress-up, impromptu plays, finger knitting and time to daydream.



August 8th – 12th

Music Jam Camp with Raji Malik

Kids 7-12 years-old

(Note: Older age group.)


Kids are invited to bring an instrument (we also provide some!) along with inspiration, for a musical week of experimental, orchestral adventures! Whether your child likes to play drums, guitar, keyboard, or shake an egg, all are invited to take part. Plenty of time to connect harmoniously with others, this week will satisfy a week of melodic pleasure - with an end of the week performance for the kids!


Raji Malik is a lifelong musician and composer, and an early childhood educator at the Abington Friend's School.

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2022 Summer Camp