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Day Ten

Theme: Observation

To observe, is to see or take notice of something.


We are all observers. You are an observer. We see and notice the world around us. The world of nature is in constant change. Most of us notice the changing of the seasons. Winter to spring. Spring to summer. Summer to fall. It's a gift to observe the transformation (transformation means change) of the seasons. 

As an artist, I spend a lot of time observing the natural world. I closely watch the way plants grow, bloom and die. I photograph the changes. In what ways do you observe nature? Can you think of others that observe the world around us?

Why do you think it's important to observe the world around you? It's important to observe the natural world around us so we can take better care of it. We gain knowledge. Knowledge helps us to understand the changes in the environment.

Activity: This activity is a daily activity. Not just for today, but as many days as you remember. It only takes stopping, seeing, and a little time. I'd like to ask that you begin looking at the world around you and see what is growing. Watch the process of growing. Notice things about when, where and how long it takes to grow. Look at the changes that happen from a seedling, to a sprout, to a full flowering plant. Watch as it begins to die. Most plants will show seeds after flowering. Or they may grow from a bulb. What is one of your favorite trees? Do you have a favorite flower? 

The second part of this activity, is to make a journal, or use a blank book you already have. Find a plant in your yard or near your home that is beginning to grow. Draw it in the journal. Notice everything about it. The color, the shape of the leaves. Where it is growing. If you're not writing words yet, no worries! Drawings help you to get to know the plant. Visit the plant every day, or every couple of days. Watch it as it grows taller.


Does your family notice you growing taller? Do they notice if you've lost teeth? Do they notice if your hair is growing? Of course they do! You will be like a plant parent. It could also be a tree! Just watch and observe it carefully. Plants are alive, and believe it or not, it will know you have taken notice. If you listen carefully, it may even share a message with you. You can also photograph plants like I do. Especially if you love photography and if you have a camera to use. Phone cameras work great. Have fun! I almost forgot, you can also find out the names of plants. You can ask someone, or get a book about flowers that grow in our part of the country.

Observing the Sky

The sky is another incredible way to use your observation skills. Do you like checking out the sky? The sky is like a painting that changes over and over. Clouds, sunrise, sunset, blue sky, pink sky, storm clouds. It is endless! Cloud drawings are another great way to show the planet we live on. Do you have chalk pastels? They work well when drawing the sky. You can smudge them and make the clouds soft and fluffy!

Another wonderful way to observe: Pay attention to the light. The light creates shadows, and reflections. You can also observe your own shadow on a sunny day. Observation is one way that keeps our imagination strong. Having a strong imagination helps you to see the world in more ways than one. So have fun observing!

Goal: Observe as much as possible. Keep an eye on the light around you throughout the day. See the changes. Look for shadows. How does it feel when the light changes? Where can you feel it in your body? Create a journal for plant observation. Use pictures and remember the details. Observe the sky. Notice the clouds, the sun. Notice how the sun rises and sets in two different places. And don't forget about the moon!

Gratitude: I'm thankful to live on a part of the earth where I get to observe the changes in the seasons. What are you thankful for today?

See you tomorrow!

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