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Day Eleven

Theme: Love

Today is all about Love.

Love can be a funny thing to talk about. Love can mean different things to different people. We love our families. We love our friends. I think the word Love has a lot to do with caring about something or someone we are close to.


The kind of Love I want to share with you is the Love for our Earth and the Love for helping one another. Have you ever helped anybody? How does it feel to help others? What have you done to show the earth that you care about it?









Have you ever found heart shapes around you? Heart shaped leaves. Or a rock shaped like a heart. Sometimes hearts will find you. You just have to be observant. (Being observant is observing!) 


Almost everyday I find hearts in unusual things and places. Every time I find one, I smile. The hearts remind me how much love there is in the world.


















Activity: Today's activity is something you can do today and anytime. It's an observing activity. Go on a heart treasure hunt. See how many hearts you can find wherever you go. In your yard, around the house. Count as you go along. If any hearts surprise you, like the examples of the egg, orange and toast, take a picture! Or you can do a drawing of it. 

Another heart activity is writing a poem. Writing a poem takes a little time and it actually doesn't have to rhyme. A good way to begin is to write a list of words, then take each word and put it into a sentence. If you need help just ask!

Gwen Frostic was from Michigan and is known for printing, woodworking and her carvings of images from the natural world. She was a popular artist, entrepreneur and writer. She wrote over 20 books, and worked for many years creating thoughtful works of art of the natural world. She is no longer alive, but you can still find her books.


One of my favorite Gwen Frostic books is -   


                                      These Things are Ours

...on this earth there is a oneness...
...a rhythmic flow of life

through everything that lives...

the things with roots and stems and leaves
...the things with shells and fins -- and furs

...the things with wings
with which to fly...

the things that crawl - 
and those that walk

each thing must eat and breathe - and rest
each thing must seek -
and each is sought for

each has a birth --
a purpose to fulfill

to each
an end...
and then…a new beginning...

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