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Day Fifteen

Theme: Sense of Wonder

Our world has changed. When I use the word 'changed' - I mean our daily lives are much different than before. In what ways are your days different than before?


Although our days have changed, a lot of things are exactly the same. Can you think of 3 things that are the exact same in the world? Ask your parents if they can name something that has stayed the same. 

If one of the things you said has not changed was springtime, you are right. The birds are singing in the morning, looking for mates and building nests. Many flowers are blooming now, and a zillion other sprouts and buds are growing. Other things that may not have changed are, perhaps you still like to eat pizza. Maybe you like snuggling with your parents or a pet, just like before! Many things have not changed.

Today I chose the theme of WONDER. Children are really good at wonder. Sometimes when things change in our lives, we forget about our sense of wonder. But wonder is always within us. It never has to go away or change. We just have to remember it's there and use it. Wonder is kind of like a muscle. If you don't use it, it becomes weak. Maybe you're curious how to keep it strong. Today's activities will help!

What does the sense of wonder feel like? Think about the first time you saw a mother feeding her babies in the nest? Do you remember what that feeling was? Maybe you looked a t a flower and noticed that all it's petals are in the shape of hearts. Did you feel surprised? Have you ever seen a caterpillar that you've never seen before? What was that feeling like? 


This is an image I took of a Poppy Flower. Do you see the bee? The inside of every flower offers a sense of wonder. How does this flower make you feel when you study it? 

Activity: Take a Wonder Walk or Adevnture

This is something you can do with your family. You can also do this in your own yard. You'll want to use a small journal to draw or write down your findings. But if you would rather just FEEL WONDER, please do. After all, wonder is about experiencing something inside your body. It can make you smile, or feel happy inside.

While on your Wonder Adventure, I'd like you to look at something you've seen hundreds of times. Maybe it's a tree or a bush that is near your house. Or something you walk by all the time. Maybe it's one blade of grass or a small flower. Ask the tree, bush or grass if you can pick a part of it, so you can study it closely. This activity asks you to sit down with it and use some of your senses. Touch, smell, sight, sound. But not taste. We don't taste things unless a parent tells you it's okay. Look at it closely. What can you see about it that you never saw before? Does it have a smell? Does it make a sound when you shake it? What does it feel like in your hand?


Artists, scientists, and naturalists (a naturalist is someone who studies nature) are people who use wonder to inspire them. How does wonder inspire you? 

Did you know when we turn our attention to other things than ourselves, we come to learn the universe is bigger than we thought. It helps us to understand there are so many things in the world to offer us wonder. To let us know, that no matter how much things have changed, there is a lot still thriving, creating, growing and giving us all the gift of learning how WONDER-FUL life is

Gratitude: I don't even have to think about what I'm grateful for today! Im thankful for WONDER! What are you grateful for today? What about your family?

See you tomorrow!

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