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Day Sixteen

Theme: Self Love, Self Care

Today is all about you! You might think that's a crazy idea, but today is day sixteen and a great time to make it all about you. Almost like your sixteenth birthday! 

Self Love and Self Care. It's important to take the time to take care of yourself. That is one way to show yourself love. Can you think of other ways to show love to yourself? I bet you can. 


As we spend more time home and as our days go by, we have opportunities to rest, exercise, spend time in nature and do other things that bring us joy. When we find joy, we feel more love within ourselves.

Do you know what self care is? If you guessed doing things that care for you body, you are right. Self care also means you take care of your feelings. Self care begins with listening to what your body needs. You're body is made to let you know when it is hungry or tired. When it requires you to get up and move. We are good at ignoring what our body is telling us. Do you think you could make a promise to your body to hear what it is telling you, and to give it what it needs? I know you can. 









Activity: Today's activity is about you! It's about listening to your body, heart and mind. What is it that you need? What can you do for yourself that shows the love you have for you? Did you know you can write a letter to yourself? Or do a painting or drawing and give it to yourself as a gift. You can even wrap it! We often give gifts to others, but forget to treat ourselves. Maybe you can start the day in a relaxing way, and end it with a bubble bath or shower. Your body knows when your doing special things for it. I would love to hear about something you did for you that made you happy. Don't forget to share!

Another activity is to take time on your own to listen to your body. You can even keep a journal about what you need. Remember, if your hungry to eat before getting hangry. Or if you need to take a time out on your own, if you're feeling grumpy. 

It's okay to let others know that you are taking care of yourself. This is kind of like a super power. You can even draw yourself as your own superhero.

Gratitude: I'm grateful for learning to listen to my body. What are you thankful for today?

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