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Day Twenty-Four

Theme: The Mystery of Face Masks

Did you ever think we would all be walking around wearing face masks? I didn't. I had seen people wearing medical face masks in busy cities like New York, China and Japan, long before we started wearing them here.


We are all learning a new way of 'being'. When I say being, I mean living and experiencing life. People all over the world are joining together to wear face masks to help the virus slow down, until it comes to a stop.

The history of Masks goes back for centuries. There have been many different kinds of masks and reasons for them. Ceremonial Masks, Religious Masks, Funeral Masks, Hunting Masks, Ritual Masks, Festival Masks, Theatrical Masks, and Medical Masks are a few reasons why masks were worn or made. One thing the masks had in common, was to cover the face. In our culture, we use masks at Halloween as a way to hide who we are and take on a different personality. 










Wearing a medical mask is a way to help cut down on people becoming sick from Covid 19 virus. Washing hands, along with keeping your distance, and wearing a mask are all helpful ways to protect yourself, and others.


Covering your nose and mouth still takes some getting used to. After all, for most of us, we've only seen medical masks being worn at the dentist office. It's good to think of it as a part of life that is new. And new things take getting used to.


You can also be creative with your mask if you like. As a matter of fact, making them at home is a way to make it just how you like it. Not everyone has a sewing machine, but there are many ideas now on how to make one without sewing. Or, if you have needle and thread, you can hand sew a mask without too much trouble. 













The idea of a medical face mask is simple: It protects you and others, by keeping germs to yourself and making sure other germs stay out. 

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Activity: your own face mask! You can use fabrics you already have. An old t-shirt, bandana or scarf will work. Here is a photo tutorial of a mask I made. Here's what you will need:

  • Fabric Square

  • Scissors

  • Thread

  • Sewing Needle

  • Ribbon or string

  • You can use an old T-shirt as well

Have fun! Get creative. You'll want to wash your face mask, so use something that can be washed.


Gratitude: I'm thankful for making things on my own. They may not be perfect, but learning is fun! What are you grateful for?

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