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Day Three


Theme: Hands 

Hello from over 600 - 6000 feet away!


Today is going to be all about hands. Can you guess why?

Yep! It's because we've all been asked to wash our hands after touching anything! A lot of us are wearing gloves for touching things at the grocery store, or other things outside the house. We are also being asked not to touch our face, put our fingers in our eyes, not to touch other people. In general, our hands are having to learn new ways of acting. 


Activity: Song or Poem about Washing Hands


Inspiration: Dancer, Quang Dang


People around the world are dancing to a song that was created in Vietnam to help the people to remember how important it is not to spread germs, especially during the virus. The virus spreads very quickly. The more we can keep our hands germ free, the better we can help ourselves and others. This is a time to think about other people, not just ourselves.

Are you ready to get up and dance? Get ready. I'm gonna 

dance too! Have fun!


Please click on the link: 0


​That was fun! It's important to move at least 3 times a day! And dancing is a way you can move without leaving your house. Dance with your family or dance alone. It will give everyone a much needed break.

Now it's time for you to make up a song, or a dance, or a poem.


It doesn't have to be about washing your hands, but it could! It doesn't have to have music, but it could. You don't have to make a video, but you could. It could also be a poem about your hands, or someone else's.


I wrote a poem about my grandmother's hands today. It's not fun like the hand washing song. It actually makes me a little sad. But it's what came out. Try to allow your imagination, heart and brain to do the work. Your hands will help make it happen. 


Our hands do so much for us! 

My Grandmother's Hands


My hand held hers. 

Her hand held mine. 

Skin like silk to touch, my Grandmother's

hands. I studied the fading blue

lines that matched her holy eyes.

All the years of life held in her mighty

hands. Like magic, only memories remained 

of carrying babies and cleaning the house.

Praising God on Sunday, her arms raised

high, waved like branches on a windy day. 

Her hands, witnesses of her life.

Kim Soles

Activity: Hands Painting

This activity takes two people. Each, one at a time, traces their hand in pencil. Then, each designs the hand using colored pencils, or like these, you can use watercolor paints and brushes. You can also just use black ink instead of color. Anything goes! My daughter and I did a hands painting below. Have fun!


Goal: Create a song,  poem or dance about hands or hand washing. Drawing of hands. 

If you have photos of drawings, or videos of dancing or singing, please send them along!

Gratitude: I'm thankful for this time together. What are you thankful for today?


Today no joke, BUT! I do recommend hand painting. Only if the Parents give the thumbs up! And remember...wash your hands!

See you tomorrow!

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