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Day Five




Shhhhshhhhhh! It's a surprise!


Today we're going to explore surprises! The way we surprise others. Why we surprise others. Good surprises. Not so good surprises. How good surprises make us feel. But first, two questions: Have you ever joined in a surprise for someone else? Has anyone ever surprised you? 

Surprise parties are a lot of fun, and a lot of work. It can be hard to keep a surprise from someone, but it's the only way it works. Do you have a hard time keeping a surprise? Do you like to be surprised?  Some people like surprises and some people don't. What are some surprises that have happened in the life of someone you care about? Ask them how it made them feel. What was a 'not so good surprise' that happened? Talk about it with your family. 

We don't have a lot of surprises in our life. Today we're going to change that! Surprises take some planning. And now that we have plenty of time at home, we can think up ways we can create surprises for those we love. There are so many different ways to surprise one another, I'm surprised we don't surprise one another all the time!

Surprises can be events, like a party or serving someone breakfast in bed. Surprises can be things, like a new game or toy. Surprises can be made by hand, which happen to be my favorite kind. Surprises can be something from nature and given as a gift. Like flowers, or a pretty leaf, rock, or a shell from the ocean.


Surprises can be doing things for someone, without them asking you to do it. Can you think of an example of that kind of surprise? Those are called helping surprises. Have you ever baked cookies or a cake for someone? (With help of course!) I call those yummy surprises.


We are all different. Which means different people like different kind of surprises. If you made me broccoli soup for example, that would not be a good surprise. I would be happy you made me soup, but I can't eat broccoli, it makes me sick. But if you made me chicken noodle soup, that would make me really happy! So it's important to think of the other person when you're planning the surprise. Ask yourself, what would they like. What would make them smile. What would really surprise them. That's your activity.

I hope this is the kind of activity you can do as often as you like.

Good surprises are always welcomed. 

Activity: Think of a surprise for someone. It could be for one person, 

or more. Following is a list of things you can do. Or, you can come up with your own ideas. 

1. Make something for someone and put it in a place they will find it. It could be a card, or a painting or drawing. Use your imagination!


2. Do something as a surprise for someone. It could be making someone's bed. Or sweeping the floor.  Ot making a sandwich for somebody.


3. Find something in nature and put it in a surprise place. Like a few small flowers in a glass of water. Make sure you do it as a surprise.

Activity: Treasure Box. This activity takes a bit of time. But it's so much fun! 


Find a shoebox or a small box. 

You will need to paint it and decorate it.

You can use many different things to make it fun and fancy if you want.

Inside the box you will hide a variety of different things.

Maybe a special card you have made.

Could be a special stone or shell that you would like to share.

When the box is finished, you will need to hide it so no one knows where it is except you. Then you will need to come up with clues so whoever is going to find it can begin.

You can also draw a map of where it's hidden.

A Treasure Box is a great rainy day activity. This is something that people can make together, or you can make it on your own. You can also hide it in your yard if you have one, and have your family search for it. Come up with good clues and have fun!

Goal: Surprise someone! Surprise people as many times as you want, whenever you want! You can never make someone smile too much! Make a treasure box. Put surprise things in it. Hide it and come up with clues. 

Gratitude: I'm grateful if I can do something small that makes someone feel better. What are you thankful for? 


Small things are really big when they make someone smile. 

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