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Day Seven

Theme: Earth Balance

Our planet gives us so much. From food to shelter, to providing most of our needs. We discussed some of this earlier when we looked at nature. Planet Earth needs us to take of it. Just as we take care of ourselves, it's important ​that we also take care of our planet home. Every person can help in small ways. In what ways do you help the planet?


There are also ways for us to help others learn about the planet. We can inspire one another. One definition of inspire means "to breathe life into." I like that definition. Just like we breathe in to stay healthy and calm, we can breathe out what we know to help others. We are all learning, giving and receiving. 









Earth Balance is learning about ways to live that keep the planet healthy. A healthy planet allows us to also be healthy. It also helps the animals and all the creatures live in harmony.


If your family cooks, or maybe you also help in the kitchen, there are always food scraps from fruits and vegetables. Have you ever noticed the colors of fruits and vegetables? Bright orange, reds, greens and yellows? The parts of food we cut off and throw away can be put back into the earth. Maybe some of you have a compost at home and know how it works. Compost can be set up in your yard,or you can do a smaller compost in your home. Click the Earth to learn more.

Remember: You are a small part of ONE BIG EARTH. Imagine, all the people in the world are part of ONE EARTH. That's why, if each of us does a small thing to help the earth everyday, together we make a huge impact for the good of the planet.

Activity: Compost Landscapes

This activity is fun. You will need to collect raw food scraps and use them before they wilt. You will also need a work space. Just like the nature sculptures, these are impermanent. That means you make it, photograph it if you can, and then take it apart. If you have a compost, please use it. If you don't, maybe you can learn about them and make one in the future. 


Compost landscape made from compost. Potato skins, orange and lettuce and found blossoms.

Goal: Create a landscape out of food scraps. OR. Create a landscape out of grass, sticks, rocks or leaves. Learn about composting by clicking the Earth above.

Gratitude: Another word for gratitude is being "thankful." We all have things to be grateful and thankful for. Today, I'm thankful for my dog Charlie. He is a good friend! What or who are you thankful for today?


Backyard Compost

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