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Day Nine

Theme: Dress Up Time!

What's so exciting about Dressing Up? Everything!

If your a young person, then dressing up comes easy to you. You understand why dressing up and pretending to be someone else allows you to be anyone you want. A mermaid, an astronaut, a pirate, a mother, a tiger, a magician, a baby bear, a queen, an astronomer or a rockstar. We can pretend to be something else, or someone else. 


Dressing up and pretending helps your brain. It allows you to think like the animal your pretending to be. How does the animal move. What does the animal say. How does the animal sleep and eat. This is how you become the animal from the inside. Then you add ears, a tail and whiskers and you're ready!


Or you may become someone you can imagine. Maybe it's from a storybook. Or from real life. Like a doctor, or a mother taking care of her children. Maybe being a cat is the thing that helps you feel playful and cuddly. Maybe being a boy instead of a girl feels good! At times playing the baby in the family can be fun, especially if you're the oldest. Dressing up and playing pretend inspires you to create a brand new world. 


As you grow older, your dress up time might be less than it was when you were younger. But it's okay to keep dressing up. Some people love dressing up and acting so much they become performers. They want to show they world how they can be different.


Acting, pretending and dressing up helps you gain confidence. To allow yourself to be someone else. It's like walking in another persons shoes (or paws?) 


When is the last time you dressed up? What did you dress up as?  What holiday do we dress up for? Yes! Halloween gives people of all ages a chance to dress up and have fun. We like seeing our friends in a costume and we like to show them how we can transform into something else also! But we don't have to wait for Halloween. 

Having extra time is great since you have many hours to play, pretend and dress up. You can also invite your family to dress up...if they want to have some fun! Maybe you can inspire them. Or you might want to show up at dinner dressed as someone, or something else.  Now that would be a surprise!


Click to learn how to make masks!

Dressing up also gives us permission to wear a mask. Wearing a mask helps to wear a costume, especially if you're shy. Have you ever made a mask? Have you ever felt shy dressing up?

Activity: You guessed it! You're gonna dress up and pretend. You can do this all day or anytime you feel like it. It might be a good thing to do after school work. If you have dress up clothing that's great, but if you don't, maybe your parents have clothing they would let you use. And if you want to get creative, you can make some things from what you already have. 

Goal: To have fun being someone or something else! If you could become an animal, what animal would you be? Play dress up (and don't forget to clean up!)

Click the mermaid to see some cool dress up ideas. 

Gratitude: I'm grateful for the rain we've been having because it's helping my garden grow. What are you thankful for today?

See you tomorrow!

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