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Heart and Spirit provides daily activities aimed for children 6-12-years-old. And the good news is, the entire family can take part if they like! And it’s not just art! Activities are developed to engage the mind and heart and inspire new perspectives of life, nature, poetry, music and kindness. 

The course offers hands-on, media free activities, designed to reach the heart and spirit of the child as they navigate this unusual time in history.


This course is a 28 day, at home, activity based expansion program. Parents will receive an email daily and read it to younger children. It simply explains the activity, the supplies and the goal.


The activities and projects offer experiences that help children learn more about themselves and others. Parents are invited (optional) to snap photos and email them, so I can stay in touch and share with positive responses and feedback.

It's FREE!

It's springtime in Philadelphia! 

Dear Families. 


I began my creative work with children, beginning with art programs in Brooklyn, New York, eighteen years ago. More recently, my energy and dedication has been directed towards the Indigo Nature Arts program I established ten years ago in Philadelphia, along with Moon and Thunder Wellness and Breath in Motion, over the past few years.

We’ve now been presented with an enormous challenge and opportunity to remain at home (for those who are and can). HEART + SPIRIT is a way for me to assist your child/children, and help them to navigate this time and their thoughts and feelings, in creative and thought provoking ways. 


I developed this program in 2003 when I owned and operated MAHAS, Mt. Airy Healing Arts Space. It’s been waiting for me to launch it, and I feel now is the time. 


Heart and Spirit offers daily activities and positive support, and opens a way for kids to experience daily life and thoughts, through drawings and activities, making room for them to have fun and use their imagination. 


This program meets children 6 through 12 years-old, and invites parents to join them when they can. The daily projects support the whole child, through art, nature and well-being. 

We are all in this together, and together we will help one another. My hope is for children to gain a calm perspective and develop balance in this shaky time. It will offer support as they navigate a time in history in which the entire world is experiencing. 


This is not an easy time. But having spent time with young children, especially over the past five years, I've learned they are equipped with a wisdom, strength and understanding that has prepared them. 


My thoughts and love are with you and your families. 


Many loving thanks. 


Miss Kim 

Heart + Spirit is a supportive arts program for children. It is designed to assist the whole child through everyday life circumstances. 

Sessions are offered on the website link and are password protective. The link is emailed to parents. Parents will read the activity exercise with the child/ren, and prepare them with the supplies they will need.  The projects are presented in a clear and simple manner that the children will be able to clearly understand.

Heart + Spirit is an ‘art expression’ program and is naturally beneficial because the arts generate healing. The program is based solely on listening, observation, perception and knowledge of the heart. 


Heart + Spirit is designed for children and growing adolescents six to twelve years-old.


To prepare, please have paper or a drawing journal (at least 8x10 in size, regular copy paper works), colored pencils, crayons OR markers. Other things needed on an occasional basis are glue, watercolors and a brush, things found in nature such as leaves in your yard or front street. Resourcefulness is an asset, so whatever works for you, works for me. 

Private sessions are available to help the child who is experiencing unease in their daily life. Please email for further information. 

Indigo Nature Arts and Wellness


Indigo Nature Arts has integrated holistic wellness practices into our program that positively supports the child’s physical and emotional health. Our mission is to offer opportunities for the development of practical, self-care skills by incorporating Yoga Calm for Children, a certified wellness program established by Lynea and Jim Gillen. Classes and workshops are for children of all ages.

Indigo Nature Arts and Wellness for Teens


We have created a space for children and teens to gather with one another to experience the five Yoga Calm Principals - Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength and Community. Yoga Calm guides young people in learning breath-work, meditation, communication and various yoga postures.


Indigo Nature Arts and Wellness offers a complete and diverse wellness program that includes painting, handwork, journaling, fundamental of healing herbs knowledge, and awareness of the effects of technology.


The five Yoga Calm Principles Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength and Community are explored during the duration of the program.


  • Stillness - Basic breath-work to still the body and nervous system, quiet the mind and leads to self-awareness, compassion, self-control and self-regulation skills.

  • Listening – Creates the ability to tune in and hear what the body, heart and mind are saying. Listening also allows the child to take what they are experiencing and seek help if needed. It decreases the chances of self-destructive behavior.

  • Grounding - Helps to connect with the earth and to be physically present in the body. Working with balance yoga poses helps to develop a sense of competence and security. The building blocks for emotional growth and social health.

  • Strength – Physical strength, and movement develops capability and confidence. Mental strength is used for positive self-talk and respecting boundaries. Emotional strength is also developed, helping with the ability to feel and identify emotions without harming oneself or another.

  • Community – Productive sharing of thoughts and ideas among adolescents is not to be taken for granted. The ability to find what is good in another and express it clearly is what creates community. Stillness and listening are valuable tools and put to use.

Programs are guided by Kim Soles, the owner of Indigo Nature Arts. Kim has been offering artistic and nature-based classes, workshops and summer camps for children of all ages for the past sixteen years. She is dedicated to merging interactive well-being practices with the arts. Kim creates space where adolescents embrace their unique spirit, as she recognizes and motivates the need for developing - balance - within our technology-based world.  “Emerging practice at a young age will help the growing child shield and empower as they navigate the changes and bumpy issues they may face in the middle-grades and high school.” 

Early Childhood Years - Ages 4-6

Basic yoga poses and breath-work are offered for the youngest children. This helps children adapt to stillness, quiet the mind, and leads to calmer nervous systems. Mid-class, a transition is made to brush, watercolor and paper as we interpret the daily pose through color and shapes. Stories and imagery used in the class relate to seasons, nature, and animals.


Middle-grade Years - Ages 10-12

A heart-centered approach is used to help develop mental and physical balance and support. Adolescents are guided in journaling, drawing, whole-foods education and essential medicinal herbal knowledge, all relating to seasonal shifts. Encouragement for constructive discussion among peers offers opportunities for creating community.


Working Within Your School

Workshops are offered to schools and institutions, as well as private classes and workshops. Indigo Nature Arts and Wellness Program can be held in the classroom, gymnasium or auditorium.


Our program is focused on working with children in Pre-K, Kindergarten, adolescents and teens.


Pre-K and Kindergarten children will learn self-care routines that they will carry with them throughout their grade-school years. Having this individual toolkit helps them as they grow and develop, as they sometimes face unease and restlessness due to basic life transitions. Media and technology influences reduce the use of the six senses. Our program provides opportunities to use all of the senses and establishes balance in the child’s life. The program is gentle and playful and offered with a creative painting component.


Adolescent Children between the ages of 10-12 are preparing mentally and physically for the high-school years. They are unaware of the changes ahead. They may also demonstrate anxiety and unease along with anticipation and excitement. Rollercoaster emotions and changes in the physical body can be eased with yoga postures and breath-work.


Indigo Nature Art’s and Wellness for children 4-6 years-old

Bodhi and Brush

The meaning of Bodhi is “awakening”.  Young children are eager to awaken to breath. They are curious and enthusiastic to learn yoga poses. Given the young child’s attention span and the necessity to move and express, Bodhi and Brush incorporates wellness principals with painting. This 8-week workshop creates a welcoming routine and rhythm along with a weekly pose. Storytelling, verses and imagery influence watercolor painting. 60-minute class, 6 weeks, $130 + $10 materials fee.


Indigo Nature Art’s and Wellness for Girls

Moon and Thunder

Workshop For girls 10-12 years-old

Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength and Community are integrated each week. The program is developed to offer opportunities for attaining self-care, mindfulness and well-being practices. Yoga postures, breath-work, journaling, nutritional awareness, balancing technology, and medicinal herb exploration meets the growing female and her individual needs. 60-minute class, 8 weeks, $175 + $10 materials fee. - Workshop facilitated by Kim Soles, owner of Indigo Nature Arts.


Indigo Nature Art’s and Wellness For children 7-11 years old - Class Space and Times TBD 


Yoga Calm’s Five Principals - Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength and Community are offered in a weekly class. Kids find a place to calm, breathe, energize and gain skills in finding ways to manage feelings, communicate with one another and find strength and balance in their daily lives. 60-minute class. 8 weeks, $125. Drop-in fee $20.

School Workshops – For Children up to Grade-Eight

Indigo Nature Arts and Wellness offers 45-minute, bi/weekly lessons in schools. Classes offer five valuable principals - Stillness, Listening, Grounding, Strength and Community. Kids find a place to calm, breathe, energize and gain skills in finding ways to manage feelings, communicate with one another and find strength and balance in their daily lives.

Weekly In-School Visits, 45 minutes, $5 per-child – minimum enrollment 10 children.


After-school Programming at Your School - 75-minute class, 8 weeks, $130 + $10 materials fee. After-school programming includes painting related to yoga poses, seasonal awareness and storytelling imagery.


Bodhi and Brush – 60-minute class Bi/weekly or monthly at your school, $7 per-child – minimum enrollment 10 children.


Parents, Guardians, Grandparents! Indigo Nature Arts and Wellness Monthly - Free!

Gather, Snack + Share - Come and consider how you can be part of your loved one’s self-care program. Bring a snack to share. Seasonal, non-alcoholic drinks provided. (Monthly, date TBD)

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