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"I have the most peaceful feeling inside when I know that my child is spending the day at Indigo Arts. I know he is safe, loved, and free to explore the woods and create his own magic under Kim's watchful eye and in the company of children who know they are free. As a parent and educator I am so moved by the healthy mind-body-soul atmosphere Kim creates. I wish I could go! Thank you for making a place that stays in the hearts of children long after they leave - a place where childen love to return."

-C. Rothman


"My grandson attended Warrior Camp and loved it!  He spends much of his life shooting at imaginary hoops, whacking imaginary baseballs, tackling imaginary opponents.  He break-dances, stands on his hands, is constantly trying to perfect a one-handed cartwheel - a boy happiest in motion.  To see him sitting peacefully on the blanket behind Cedar House Cafe, learning about the art and boundaries of a warrior in the woods, was a sight to behold.  Another day, while having coffee there, I overheard the lovely, resonant whacking of hollow trees by disciplined warriors, from deep in the woods.  Our happy camper worked with others to build a teepee out of sticks; he brought home hand-made bows and arrows, and quite a collection of treasured sticks.  He claims it was his favorite two weeks of the summer.  From my perspective, a perfect combination of supervision and independence led to imaginative play, and at the end of the day, a child who felt more centered." D. Ward


“Indigo Nature Arts Camp is the PERFECT camp for the wild child in all of us.  My 5-year-old daughter loved hiking through the woods and finding frogs and slugs and singing songs and making spears! She came home dirty and excited,  full of stories about the ecosystem, and she couldn’t wait to go back each morning.  Shouldn’t that be what every child experiences during the summer? Kim’s camp is magical because she finds a way to get each child to create from their heart and to connect with nature.  You’ll want to sign your kid up for the whole summer!” M. Singley


“It was such a pleasure to pause in the middle of my workday and think of how happy my six year old son was to be at Indigo Nature Arts Summer Camp. He truly loved every minute of being there. He loved spending time with the magical Ms Kim, making art, the snacks(!), Ms Kim’s wonderful helpers, playing outdoors, quiet time indoors, the stories, the songs, the beauty of the surroundings… the list goes on and on!” B. M.


“Our girls (ages 6 and 7) love Indigo Nature Arts!  They particularly enjoy circle time (meeting new friends), finger knitting, and going on hikes to explore the park!  The Cedar House makes a great home base – in the shade – so the kids can do their crafts outside away from the sun and heat, but still enjoy the wooded surroundings.  Miss Kim and her staff are very kind and creative.” T. Rodgers


"Indigo Arts Nature Camp is one of the best camp options in NW Philly. It is small, and relaxed, and may daughter loves it!" K. Tannen





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